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Use Cases

Our company realizes that down time costs your company a lot of money. Why not reduce downtime and fix product as it starts to fail rather than worrying about it when it happens. Our company offers industry leading equipment paired with in house built software to help monitor your infrastructure so that we are able to do as much preventative maintenance as possible.

Aqua-farming: The dissolved oxygen (DO) is important for any aquafarming. DO is provided by the air blowers. For safety purposes, there are typically two air blowers paired together (just in case one fails). However, without periodically testing the secondary blower, there is no guarantee that once the primary blower fails that the back up blower will turn on automatically. Our critical equipment can successfully detect the failure of the primary blower and automatically turn on the back up blower.  And, during each morning, the system will do a scheduled test for all the blowers (primary and back up blowers) to make sure all blowers are in the working and ready condition.

Toxic gas detection: Normally, the emergency system (such as exhaust fan) are in off condition.  Once there is no toxic gas detected, the emergency handling system keeps this system off all of the time. However, how do you make sure the emergency system will work when it is needed? Our system can do the periodic testing and prevent any chaotic situations from happening.

Power quality monitoring for the critical equipment: Our system can measure the current and voltage changes. For any abnormal changes of voltage or current, it may indicate that the equipment may require maintenance (such as friction force/ torque increase resulting in power/voltage changes due to lack of lubrication or other reasons).

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